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Answer various questions about a file, e.g. "Is this a gzip file?" THIS IS VERY ALPHA. Currently only supports the 'is it a gzip' question, code is ugly, etc.

This package needs documentation

succeeds; has dependency problems3


Utility functions that are missing from Racket -- e.g. 'say' (variadic displayln), 'multi-partition' (partition into more than two lists), better exception creation / trapping, database management, etc

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Extended form of struct. Generates keyword constructors, functional setters and updaters. Allows per-field default values, contracts, wrapper functions, and declarative-syntax rules for interfield relations and transformations.

succeeds; has dependency problems0


A Racket version of the Perl Test::More module. As compared to default Racket tests, this: Shows results for all tests, not just failing ones. Returns values from tests to simplify conditional tests. Much more flexible approximation testing. Shorter test names. Docs are in the

This package needs documentation